Coconut Cake

It's the morning after a dinner party where the guests speak more honestly (and Lovingly) than decades ago. We are now much more at ease.

Where a little girl brings dialogue, smiles and laughter just by pointing out Who We Are to the table and in our chairs by saying our NAMES while marching around the room with peacock feathers in hand.

Where the cake was designed by the artist, Ina Garten...who promised me that if I "whipped the butter and sugar until creamy, it would be The Lightest Coconut Cake" I have ever tasted! Ina was right...she always is. 

I am convinced I can bring back the beauty of that dinner table time... a Babette's Feast, if you will...

Where food is wholesome and so delicious, with drinks to enhance the flavors of each and every course. Where the dialogue assures every woman, man and child - 

" Come! Enjoy! I words will make you feel small or shamed. Bring your appetite...for Life, and for Love...and for food!"

I can...and, I know how to do this. It's an ART! 


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