The Morning Work was actually "middle of the night" my mind brought a dozen good ideas to the forefront of a project. Reading through the lives, looking at the photographs, jotting down the important-pieces of 11 humans who are known to the world through the ART they created.

And...I think I really believed this before today, BUT in the last 4-hours I find I am calmly, firmly, and certainly convinced once again:


The facades fall...the secrets come forward...the fears are exposed...the convictions are conveyed.

In the poetry, the lyrics, the acrylics, the script, the aria, the concerto, the smooth pigment pools of the watercolor, the design, the chorus....

THEY SPEAK. Not one artist is exempt. In fact, the data is convincing! This is absolutely risky business...VULNERABLE to continue.

So - here's to the ARTISTS...

Who embrace their humanity! 

And the art therapists - who work to give voice through art because of what they know is true.

Here's to the children who know they feel "calm and happy" when they create. Its really about BEing...and its the stuff of wellbeing...the path to soul-nourishment. It's a bit of wonder, and has powerful implications for mindfulness...for humans of every age.